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Custom Services
Standard Business Card Printing Service

Standard Business Card Printing

Matte or glossy art paper, size: 90 x 54 mm (3.5 x 2.1 inches), quantity: 500

$16.00 / 500
People-powered Photo Editing Service

People-powered Photo Editing Service

Per photo. Powered by professionals. High quality, fast, and affordable.

$8.00 / photo
English to Chinese Translation Service

English to Chinese Translation Service

Per word. Powered by native Chinese speakers. High quality, fast, and affordable.

$0.05 /word
Featured Professionals
Gaoping Xiao

Gaoping Xiao

Biologics CRO and CMO services
Technology transfer, investment
Business Development

Syd Labs, Inc

Syd Labs, Inc.

Catalog products, custom services
Molecular biology, protein, antibody
Virus, cell biology, chemical

Wuhan Lobo Technology Ltd.

Wuhan Lobo Technology Ltd.

Data entry and analytics
Picture design and printing
Arts and media design

Wuhan Duozhaozhao Technology Ltd.

Duozhaozhao Technology Ltd.

Web and APP design
Software development and testing
Education and training

Projects In Bidding

Chemical Sourcing

300 grams of D-luciferin potassium salt with >98% purity and biological activities.

Guide in Boston for Business

12 members from China to exhibit in a conference, and to visit companies in Boston.

Catalog Design

About 90 pages, using stock photos, texts, tables, and graphic elements.

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How I designed the LOGO for Syd Labs
Publications citing Syd Labs' hybridoma sequencing services
Does Sympros compete with companies like Vistaprint?
Can you recommend more business card suppliers?
Do you know good poster printing on fabric?
Does camel antibody give better immunostaining comparing with regular mAb or polyclonal antibodies?
What is the cost and approximate time needed for generating a transgenic mice line?
The general process of a project from inquiry to completion
Top 20 printing e-commerce websites in China in 2015
Websites of programming training
Open source software for building e-commerce websites
4 mainstream genome editing tools

Micro-Communities of Professionals

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