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The general process of a project from inquiry to completion

The major mission of Sympros team is to help projects find professional suppliers. On sympros.com, a platform for custom projects, clients can find professional suppliers in two ways: 1) Find professionals???information, communicate with professionals directly, and choose the best deal that you think; 2) Submit a new project to sympros so that Sympros project management team finds the best deal and if chosen, manage the projects and professional suppliers for you.


The general process of a project from inquiry to completion in the second option is:


1. Clients submit a new project inquiry online, by phone, fax, mail or email.


2. Sympros project management team discusses the project with both clients and professional supplier candidates to figure out a good deal. If necessary, the project will be open for bidding by professional suppliers. Sometimes professional suppliers are directly selected by Sympros team based on various factors. Professional suppliers can find projects in bidding under appropriate project categories.


3. The selected professional supplier (individual or team) finishes the project.


4. Another internal or external professional is selected to do quality control on the finished project. The professional contacts neither clients nor professionals, and only evaluates quality of the finished project.


5. If needed, more revision and quality control is done to meet clients???requirements.


Different from most, if not all, of other crowdsourcing platforms, Sympros directly deals with clients and professional suppliers, takes full responsibility for payment and quality of finished projects, and cuts away troublesome clients and unqualified professional suppliers. Our experience with a large number of clients, professional suppliers, and projects is helpful for us to match clients, projects, and professional suppliers in highly efficient way no matter high or low ends. With our warranty, clients do not have to worry about service quality; professionals do not have to worry about payment.


Sympros’s another advantage is one stop shopping. For complicated projects that different professionals are involved in, Sympros team contacts and organizes them to complete the projects more efficiently than clients.


Please note that our prices may not necessarily be the lowest in the market though Sympros team always tries its best to screen professional suppliers and to deliver services with high quality to price ratio for each project.

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