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    Gaoping Xiao

    Just before I went to attend the annual tradeshow of AACR (American Association of Cancer Research) in March 2012, I decided to design and print our first product and service catalog. I found one designer through my relatives in Wuhan. I asked him to design the cover page first. Then I went to the crowdsourcing website in China, zhubajie.com, to ask designers to bid for designing the cover page because I wanted to see if I could find a design cheaper and/or better. I offered a 40% lower price. Out of about 20 submitted designs, only one was somehow close to the quality of the first design from Wuhan. I was really disappointed with the designs from zhubajie.com. Then I asked zhubajie.com to refund me because I did not want to take any of them. But they refused to do so and pushed me to choose one. It was really a bad experience. The sole harvest from the bidding was that I knew the designer. From the experience, I knew that I could do better than zhubajie.com in providing a platform for both designers and clients. Now sympros.com does it.

    Finally, I asked the designer in Wuhan to finish the catalog designing.

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