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Websites of programming training

Sympros is collecting websites of programming training for users to study website development, webpage designing, APP development, APP designing, software engineering and system security. Welcome to share with us if you know more websites.


Codecademy: one stop online training and professional eduction for programmers and designers.


Udacity: free computer courses with video-based training.


Code.org: non-profit organization providing computer courses.


Udemy: trading platform of video courses.


Lynda: providing a number of video courses, membership with monthly $25.


Pluralsight: providing more than 3000 video courses for programmers and IT departments, membership with monthly $29 or yearly $299.


Learnable: providing a number of video courses, membership with yearly $149.


Code School: providing >30 video courses and 2000 groups of coding challenge, membership with monthly $29.


Tuts+: providing video courses and coding programs , membership with monthly $15.


Skilled Up: providing >50 high quality teaching resources, free and fee-based.


Mozilla School Of Webcrafts: providing online webpage designing courses and skill challenge, free.


CodeHS: providing basic html and css courses, membership with monthly $25.


Coursera: a platform of studying new network skills including software engineering and system security, free.


Webplatform.org: providing coding courses, free.


Google Developers University Consortium: providing google technology-related programming courses, free.


Apple Developers: providing Apple technology-related programming courses, free.


CSS-Tricks: providing courses of CSS, free.


Sitepoint: providing a number of programming courses for both juniors and seniors, free.

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